The Z-CAT portable DCC CMM (direct computer control coordinate measuring machine) is the first of it's kind.

A revolutionary solution to a complicated CMM problem

Utilizing advanced technology, software, design and electronics, the zCAT is manufactured as a compact self-contained unit that is fundamentally different than existing CMM technology, design and operation. From initial equipment acquisition through set-up, training and maintenance, the Z-CAT portable DCC CMM offers significant cost reductions without compromising measuring accuracy or performance.

Z-CAT is Easy-to-Use

The zCAT is the easiest DCC CMM to use. Built with the intention of lowering the threshold of training needed to successfully operate and even program a DCC CMM, every component, from the mechanics to the software, has been examined for optimal user experience and ease of use.

Z-CAT portable DCC CMM

At only 13,6 kg, the zCAT conveniently goes with you wherever you need it. No longer are you required to take the part to the CMM; from a surface plate, to a table on the shop floor or on a large part itself, the zCat can be deployed directly in the manufacturing process.

Probe System

The Z-CAT portable DCC CMM ensures accuracy with an industry-standard probe system. Find comfort in knowing that easy-to-acquire, accurate results are measured by this reliable touch-trigger probe system. Whatever your measurement task, this probe system allows for the optimal stylus arrangement for accuracy.

3D Measurement software

Built on I++ DME interface, Z-CAT portable DCC CMM can be controlled by any software capable of connecting to the interface, including  Verisurf that partnered with Fowler for this purpose.

Key Features:

• Automatic measurement routines
• Powerful interactive graphics window
• Automatic feature recognition
• 2D and 3D manual and CNC inspection
• Geometric feature inspection
• Free form curve inspection
• DXF data import/export
• STEP and IGES export for reverse engineering
• Feature construction
• Intelligent feature projection
• GD&T dimensions and tolerances

Program Tools:

• Teach and repeat programming
• Drag and drop program editor
• Run programs from any point
• Measure a subset of features
• Simple object-based programming
• No complex programming language
• Automated batch inspection
• Password protect programs
• Automatic safety moves
• Feature replicator

Report Formats:

• Engineering drawing GD&T report
• Simple PASS/FAIL report
• Form plots
• Batch summary report
• Tabulated reports
• Graphical fly-out labels
• Drag & drop reporting
• Real-time SPC
• Combine multiple views
• Export to Excel
• Historical data reporting

Every time a component is inspected, a program for measuring subsequent components is automatically created. The software also calculates ‘safe’ moves between features, even when the probe is indexing – just another thing that the operator doesn’t have to worry about!
Popular throughout the world and available in many languages, zCAT’s revolutionary measurement software provides the user with a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution for inspection measurements. This not only increases component throughput but vastly reduces the learning period for new users.

Z-CAT portable DCC CMM
Z-CAT portable DCC CMM


Working volume X and Y 700mm diameter, Z 250mm
Diametral Accuracy (μm) 3.0 + (D / 100mm)
Linear Accuracy (μm) 5.0 + (L / 100mm)
Fixturing accuracy requirement 5 mm
Machine speed User controlled to 150 mmps
Machine air requirement None required
Machine power requirements 100-240 V AC±10%, 50-60Hz (optional battery)
Manual motion control User controlled by hand movement of probe
Controller  Onboard PCB provides motion control, error mapping,
I++ software interface
Temperature compensation Onboard monitoring and compensation
Probe Type  zCAT Vertical Touch Probe (optional Renishaw TP20 probe)
Machine weight 13,6 kg
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 420mm x 172mm x 620mm

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New dimension of portable CMM’s